Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chiduggery part 1

China walked in-between the book shelves that where her pride and joy. She had a small stack of books of in her left arm and she shelved them with her right, just as she was pushing the last book into its place she saw a tall, thin figure up ahead. His head was bent over a book and he was perfectly still, only moving to flip the page. China hesitated and then walked over, face a perfect mask.
“Evening, Skulduggery “she said, perfectly civilized
“Mmm… What? Oh, hello China”
“Where’s Valkyrie? I rarely see you with out your sidekick these days”
“She out on a date with Fletcher Renn” China razed a delicate eyebrow and Skulduggery snorted “you didn’t know?” he asked, disbelieving.
“I have heard rumors… but its always nice hearing it from a firsthand source”
“Speaking of rumors, anything new that you’ve heard? Prison breaks, murders, that sort of thing?”
“Well, I don’t think so… but if you want I can check my email and see if there’s anything new” she had lade the bait, now if he’d just…
“Thanks, China. That would be great.”
“Not at all” she said with a serene smile, letting no emotion escape the mask. Skulduggery put his book back and followed China out of the library and across the hall to her apartment, she unlocked the door and Skulduggery walked in after her, closing the door behind him. China when over to her desk and sat down, flicking the power switch on as Skulduggery stood behind her. She opened up her mail box and groaned, the only new mail was one with the subject line of; “I IS VISITING U”
“What?” Skulduggery asked, wondering if it was really bad news. China opened the email and skulduggery read over her shoulder. The email said;

hey im visiting you on the 3rd at 6ish CU soon

“Who’s Anarchy?” asked Skulduggery wondering who could pull such a reaction from china
“Anarchy Rose is an orphan, her father died during the war and her mother asked me to help her when she was in need before she died.” China sighed “she’ll be here any minute, she has a knack for showing up exactly when she’s not wanted” as if to prove her point the door flew open and a tall, thin girl sauntered into the room. Her hair was streaked with neon colors, blue, green, and purple and she had on a black tank top with black skinny jeans.
“Chiiiiiina!” she trilled with a heavy Boston accent, then she turned to Skulduggery “who are you?” China was determined not to let Anarchy mess up her plans.
“Rose, this is Skulduggery Pleasant” Anarchy Rose grinned and dumped her back pack on the floor.
“I’m Anarchy Rose” she said and Skulduggery shook her hand. He could see that she was a necromancer and, by the way the shadows coiled around it, he could tell that her object of power was her silver cuff bracelet.
“I’m off to the Temple Bar” Rose said dropping to her knees and pulling a wallet out of her back pack “oh, and Skulduggery? Watch out for China, the last time she had on such a poker face was when I smashed all the mirrors in the apartment” she smiled cheerfully “I almost died! Anyway, she has a plan, I know that much” smiling a smile that would make a wolf proud, Anarchy waved a hand and the shadows stretched to her, twisted around her, and she was gone. China sat heavily on the couch, head in her hands, all her carefully thought out plans where ruined, trash, gone with the wind.
“China?” Skulduggery sounded worried and slightly wary and China made her decision. She looked up and Skulduggery saw the fire in her eyes.

Valkyrie was sitting in the study, telling Eco-Gordon about her date with Fletcher when the shadows started to clump together in the center of the well lit room. The shadows cleared, depositing a girl with very vibrant hair in the room.
“can I help you?” asked Valkyrie, casually reaching for the dagger in the desk drawer.
“yeah, I’m Anarchy Rose, a friend of China Sorrows and she needs you and Fletcher Renn at her apartment, now.”
“why?” asked Valkyrie
“something about a prison break, she said you could teleport straight into the apartment” Valkyrie nodded and the shadows swallowed Anarchy again.
“Fletcher!” Valkyrie yelled and he appeared before her
“what?” he asked
“China needs us at her apartment; she said we can teleport straight in.”
“do we half to go now?” whined Fletcher and Valkyrie rolled her eyes
“now, Fletcher” she said holding out her hand. Fletcher held on to her hand and in a blink they where in the apartment.

Valkyrie stared.
Fletcher stared.
China and Skulduggery stood in the middle of the room, Skulduggery had his arms around China and he was holding her tightly. They all stared at each other for a couple seconds, then Anarchy walked in the door. She grinned and picked her back pack off the floor.
“my work here is done.” She said with a grin and the shadows whisked her away before anyone one could even try to hit her. Valkyrie grabbed Fletcher hand and then they where gone too. China sighed and looked up at Skulduggery
“there will be hell later” she said and she sighed again “I should have told you this decades ago. I love you Skulduggery” he was silent for a moment then he held her tighter
“I love you to, China”

Bwhahahahahha! This is one of my favorite storys! i sorta wanted it to be like you thought  china was going to destroy Skulduggery, but then it was something different. Please comment!


  1. Thank you bunny, i often have trouble thinking up names. my bro thought up the "Tanya" part of "Tanya Espionage" and right now he is reading over my shoulder and correcting my grammar and spelling

  2. Ha! Your brother sounds like my dad!
    great story Lizzy. You had me surprised with the whole China/Skulduggery bit.

  3. thanks Kallista, chiduggery is awesome!

  4. why do you mix the names no offence but its rather pointless

  5. Yeah but its cool. chiduggery! ganith! valguine!