Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fear 14 : Dreams

(You guessed it; this is still Bridget’s P.O.V)

My leg was all stitched up now, and the bruises on my face where fading fast thanks to the sweet smelling cream that I had put on them. We still had an hour left to fly to get back to Ireland, so I reclined my seat and closed my eyes. When a vampire dreams, they see things that have happened to them before, memories, so as Bridget drifted off, her mind kicked into high gear. She was standing on a battle field, with the dead and wounded all around her. She heard a noise and turned to see Alexander, her little brother lying on the ground. She picked him up and held him, and as she did she saw the wound on his the back of his head. She rocked him back and forth, humming.
“Do you want me to sing for you?” I asked him quietly and his eyes lit up
“I will sing your favorite song” I whispered to him
“Little soldier boy,
Marching by,
Little soldier boy,
You’re going to die.”

“The war is long,
Ten thousand gone,
Still you march,
On and on” she saw his eyes slowly start to close, but kept singing.

“Snow and ice,
Sleet and hail,
Still you march,
Towards the hills.”

“The battle’s started,
Fire those guns,
Fight for your life,
And those you love.” He looked up at me and smiled slightly, then closed his eyes and went limp, I choked back a sob and keep singing, softly.

“Soldier boy fires,
Something goes wrong,
His gun explodes,
Soldier boy’s gone.” I unwrapped the scarf from around my neck and draped it over Alexander’s peaceful face. I stood for a moment over him, and then started to run. If Alexander was here, then mum would be close by, I jumped over a wounded man and then stumbled and fell. I was lying in the dirt next to a dead man with a something clutched in his fingers. I pried his still warm fingers off the necklace that my dad had giving my mum, just a simple gold chain with a cross hanging from it. Mum never took it off. I got up and ran,
“Isabelle, Isabelle!” the only person who new my real name was mum, I veered towards the sound of her voice. I found her, almost cut in half with a sword and delirious.
“There you are, where’s Alexander? And your father?”
“You’ll see them soon mum” I was close to breaking down and sobbing, but I held on. I sat on the earth stained with her blood and pillowed her head on my lap.
“Here mum, I found this” I fixed the necklace around her neck
“Thank you honey, oh! I see them! It’s your dad and Alexander on the other side of the field!” she smiled a little smile “there coming for me. Now remember, I will always love my little girl” the spark faded from her eyes. I stood over the body of one of my family for the second time today. I reached down and slid mum eyelids down, then pulled the sword out of her stomach.
“Rest in peace, my family…” I said
“Bridget!” the voice was far away and faint “Bridget! Hey, Bridget wake up!” some one was shaking me “are you awake now?”
“No” I muttered, but I sat up and glared at Kallista
“We’re going to be landing soon, buckle up” I sighed and pulled the belt over my lap.
“Wow, you’re grumpier then usual, did I wake you up from a good dream?” I thought about the battle field
“No” I said softly “it wasn’t a dream”

the song is by me, its called "The Soldier Boy's Lament". you sing it very slow and sad


  1. *bows* im thinking about recording "the soldier boy's lament" and putting it as my sound clip, what do yall think?

  2. Yes! This is EPIC!!!!!!!!
    Beautifully written, Lizzy! Very moving and bittersweet.
    .....and now we know Bridget's real name!
    Can't wait for the next part! :D
    ...and yes! I think having "the soldier boy's lament" in your sound clip is an excellent idea!
    BRAVO! Lizzy! For another fine story!
    *applause all around*

  3. thanks for the praise! i recorded the song, but it turned out crappy so i won't post it as my clip

  4. Awwwwww...................sorry it didn't turn out right! Thanks for trying, though!