Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fear 15: The Pointless End

This is the pointless end of Fear, i wanted to do something nice for Bridget because she was tortured so much during the story. thanks for reading!
PS see if you can guess who Rueben's dad is (hint: skul-man!)

Valkyrie sighed, the twins being away was bittersweet; she was constantly worrying about them and whether or not they where okay, or even alive. On the other hand she had the house to herself and Fletcher. A roar razed her from her thoughts and she ran outside to see the plane landing in the back yard. The engines cut, the doors opened, and Jodi fell out of the doors and landed on her face.
“I hate planes” she muttered as Leo helped her to her feet. Kallista, Mary, Tanya and Anarchy where all laughing so hard they fell out too, then Skylara transformed into a tabby and sat on top of the pile of giggling girls (with Leo on the bottom).
“Hi mom, we’re home” Aoife said in a tone that suggested she had just gotten off the bus from school, not a plane from Russia. The twins hopped down and maneuvered their way around the giggle pile so they could hug Valkyrie. Sarthacus and Israel were laughing at Leo and Necros was actually smiling. Florence descended from the plane in the most dignified manner yet, making a set of stairs out of shadows and walking down those. Caelan helped Bridget down and they all walked into the house, well, Bridget limped, everyone else walked.
“What happened?” asked Valkyrie once everyone was seated in the kitchen
“mumph-aruugga KA-FOOM” Anarchy explained around a mouthful of a sandwich she had found in the fridge, ducking crumbs, Tanya translated:
“The castle went ka-boom”
“What?! How?!” Anarchy swallowed
“I blew it up with a bomb. It was wonderful” she said
“So pretty” agreed Aoife
“Much better then fireworks” said Scathach.
“And the Brie cannon” finished Aoife, slapping Anarchy a high-five. Valkyrie looked at her watch,
“You two are both going to school tomorrow, get to bed now or the jet lag will kill you.” The twins looked at her like she had three arms and two heads
“Can you make us reflections?” asked Scathach
“No, tough it out till summer break” Valkyrie gestured and a gust of air sent the twins skidding across the floor and into the hall “good-night” she said pointedly.

(The next day)

Aoife and Scathach (or should I say Molly and Maggie?) walked across the quad on the way toward the bus stop. Today at school had been terrible and the twins where very tiered.
“Hey Moll! Hey Mags!” Rueben waved at them and jogged over “hey, I haven’t seen you two trouble makers in a while, where ya been?” Scathach shrugged
“Family troubles, you know the deal” the lie came easy
“I most certainly do, what with Sharon divorcing my dad and all, and the custody battle because she said that a tattoo parlor wasn’t the best place for a kid to grow up and then-” Aoife cut him off
“You’ve told us many, many”
“Many!” interjected Scathach
“Many times” finished Aoife. they had crossed the quad and where making there way to the bus stop when Rueben said
“Whoa, who is that” the twins looked to where he was pointing.
“That, my dear Rueben,” said Scathach, unable to contain the grin that was spreading across her face “is our ride” Tanya sat on the hood of her lovely blue Mustang convertible, smiling and waving at all the year 12 guys that where staring at the car
“Hey guys” she smiled and hopped of the hood as they approached “I was in the area and I wanted to stop by and give you a ride”
“Translation; you wanted to show off your car” Scathach said as she slipped into the front seat
“Maybe a little bit of that to, you want a ride?” the last was said to Rueben
“Naw, I like walking, thanks though. See you two tomorrow” said Rueben, turning away
“Don’t remind me!” called Aoife from the backseat and he laughed
“Learn anything about Russia today?” asked Tanya as she leaned on the horn to make all the fan boys move
“NO, is that all that interests you?”
“Yes. Hmm, it would all be lies any ways, lies I tell you lies!”
“Lay off the sugar Tanya” said Aoife
“Humph, fine, I shut up and drive” fifteen minutes later they pulled up outside the mansion
“Where are all the cars?” asked Scathach, only a few cars where still left in the driveway.
“Everyone left; the only people still here are Mary, Leo and Florence ” Said Tanya, slamming the door to her car and walking into the house. The twins followed, lugging their book bags along behind them, they dumped their books on the kitchen table and started to walk upstairs.
“If you finish your homework I’ll show you how to fire my Dragonov” Tanya called and instantly the twins where sitting at the table with pens in hand. Tanya smirked and popped open a Coke. Five minutes later, Aoife asked
“Do you know any German, Tanya?” Tanya looked up from spiking her Coke with Anarchy’s vodka
Ja, ich weiƟ ein bisschen
"Come again?" 
"Yes, I know a bit"
"Translate this part please"  Scathach held up her world language worksheet
"I didn't say I could read it, I said I could speak it. Go ask Bridget"
"So much help," Muttered Aoife, jogging up the stairs after Scathach, to the guest room Bridget was using.
"Hey Bridget!" Scathach slammed open the doors "we need- whoa" Bridget and Caelan stood by the window, wrapped around each other so completely that they hadn't heard the twins storming up the stairs. Bridget pulled away and glared at them with eyes a color that was normally reserved for fire-engines
"You have two seconds" she said in a terrible whisper and the twins ran, half screaming and half laughing, from the room.


  1. LOL!
    Great ending Lizzy! I'm glad you did something nice for Bridget! Poor girl!
    You did a lot on this story! I'm going to re-read everything......tomorrow! that you are done with this story.......will you do another?

  2. Kalista, i already have a story drafted to part 9 or 10, ill start posting it soon, but first i wanted to post some random shorter storys that i did a while ago

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  4. This was SO great!! I JUST finished the whole story. :]