Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fear 8 : Taken

Valkyrie clicked her fingers and the magic poured out from her center and into her finger tips, sparks flew, and then turned into flames, which grew into a fire ball that she hurled at a golem, it started to dry out and within seconds it was just a large clay statue. Caelan had gotten hold of one of the golems swords and was swinging it in a way that made it clear that he had never handled a sword in his life and Bridget… Well, Bridget was being Bridget, wheeling her still flaming whip in one hand and her foot long hunting knife in the other, she was cutting down the golems with such speed and precision that it was terrifying. But however many the three-some destroyed, more took its place, and to make things worse some of the henchmen where returning to the foyer and joining the fight. It was almost thirty golems and henchmen against two vampires and one human, things weren’t looking good. Bridget realized that to,
“Cover for me!” she yelled at Caelan, then she put down her flaming whip and shoved her knife in its holder. “Please work” she whispered as she stretched out her hand in front of her and the little blue spark appeared in her hand. She concentrated, and the dime sized spark grew to quarter size, then it was the size of a half dollar, her head felt like it was being chopped in half with a flaming ax, but she kept feeding the spark with her energy and it grew to baseball size.
“get down!” she meant to yell, but she could only whisper “down” Caelan heard her and pulled Valkyrie to the ground, a second later, Bridget released the energy that she was holding and it dissipated into the air
That should do it” she whispered before collapsing. Nothing happened for maybe two seconds, and then the air exploded! A rush of blue energies passed over Valkyrie and Caelan’s heads and smacked into the advancing golems and henchmen. There was a sound like a thousand crystal wine glasses smashing and all the golems froze, turned to stone by the energy and the henchmen all fell to the ground, unconscious, just like Bridget. A few golems came in from the hallways were the energy didn’t reach, but Valkyrie and Caelan dealt with them quickly. Valkyrie chucked another fireball at a golem, but while she was detracted, a barely conscious henchman pushed at the air and she went flying. Valkyrie smashed up against a wall and lay there, eyes un-focused and taking shallow breaths. Caelan came up behind the henchman and smashed his fist against his temple, then moved inhumanly fast to take out the next golem. Valkyrie sat up and shook her head, then stood up slowly on shaky legs, her eyes returned to normal and she ran back towards the fight, only to find the fight was no more. Caelan was dealing with the last golem, but other then that, only the unconscious henchmen left.
“They just, left” said Caelan “I looked up and they were all, gone” Aoife and Scathach ran up then, eyeing the chaos that was the foyer
“Were did you get the guns?” asked Valkyrie and Aoife shrugged
“Anarchy, what did you expect?”
“I can never really tell with Anarchy. Come on, we need to see if the others are okay” A few minutes later they were all gathered in the foyer again. Everyone was still alive (which was lucky) and their wounds weren’t life threatening (which was even luckier), Valkyrie stepped aside to give Skulduggery a status report and to call in the cleavers to take care of the unconscious henchmen and the stone golems.
“Where’s Bridget?” Scathach asked and Caelan swore, he spun around, but she wasn’t were he had last seen her slumped on the ground
“She was right there” he said, looking around wildly “Maybe she was captured, if the Fears get a hold of her-” Valkyrie snapped her phone shut and cut him off
“If the Fears get a hold of her then she is back were she belongs” everyone gave her confused looks
“I found a piece of paper in one of Gordon’s old notebooks, apparently our dear friend Bridget is living a double life” Valkyrie went on to explain her theory that Bridget was Chaos of the seven Fears.
“Impossible!” said Caelan, shaking his head but before Valkyrie could argue, Jodi interrupted
“Hello! Can we talk about this when I’m not bleeding to death, please?” Valkyrie gave Caelan a “this isn’t over” look and went to help Jodi with the cut on her arm. Everyone plied into the van again and left just as the cleavers pulled up. Back at the mansion, the kitchen turned into a first aide room and everyone that was hurt when in there. Aoife, Scathach, Kallista, Necros and Caelan where relatively unscratched, so they sat with Valkyrie in the living room. They where all still a tad bit twitchy from the leftover adrenaline, so when a phone started buzzing, they all jumped about a mile,
“Whose phone is that?” Valkyrie asked, looking over at were it sat on a side table
“Bridget’s, I think” Said Caelan, looking at it like it was a rabid chipmunk
“Got it!” said Scathach snagging the phone and flipping it open “Hello?” her eyes widened and she quickly put it on speakerphone.
“Look, girly” the voice on the other end was gruff and had a slight Russian accent “I know you aren’t Bridget, but I’m going to do you a favor because Bridget is a good boss and if she dies, my salary goes with her. They’re keeping her at castle Rodvich.” The line disconnected.


  1. i take it you like it? and want me to post more?

  2. Haha, your a great writer lizzy, you pace your story well, and have a great balance between dialogue and action :D

  3. so yes of course i would want you to post more!

  4. hahaha, i should be able to include Bridget in my story if you would like

    but be warned, the posting times are very inconsistent as is the quality of the work :P

  5. LOL! (laughing at above comment)
    Beautifully written, Lizzy! Love the action and drama unfolding with Bridget! Yes! You are a very talented writer and I can't wait for the next part!