Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fanfic 10

Everything was completely dark for a few seconds, then emergency lights flickered on, bathing the warehouse in a red glow that made everything look rather creepy. Dragona looked out the control room window at the dimly lit space. The first impression he got was “cluttered”. Boxes and crates where piled practically up to the ceiling and in some places the boxes had collapsed and blocked the narrow walkways that had been left between the crates.
“Everyone pick a walkway and search it” Ordered Bridget “If you run into trouble then send a sign”
“Like screaming” said Anarchy, Bridget ignored her and continued
“Tanith is to be taken alive and Billy-Ray I don’t care about. Everyone clear?” they all nodded “Good” Bridget turned to Victor and muttered a few words, then passed something into his hand. Anarchy craned her neck to see what it was, but Victor hid it in the palm of his hand. Bridget looked up and saw them all looking at her and Victor
“You’re still here?” she said, eyebrows raised to full height. They took the hint and scattered, each picking a walkway and heading down that way. Bridget waited till everyone but Victor had disappeared into the gloom before opening the little black case that rested as always at her hip. She stuck a needle into her arm, barely wincing as liquid fire slid though her veins. She ripped off her human form and hissed softly to herself, resisting the urge to go rip out Sarthacus’s throat, he was too close, she should have waited longer. She crammed the beast side into submission before looking over at Victor, she nodded and took a quick running jump at the crates. She landed quietly, but almost slipped and fell. Below her, Victor stifled a laugh. Bridget hissed at him before loping away across the tops of the crates and boxes. Victor smiled and slipped away between the boxes, he had thought he heard something.


Tanith and Billy-Ray huddled quietly in the darkness, waiting till Billy-Ray was strong enough to start tunneling again. Tanith was scanning the darkness like she was waiting for something to jump out and attack them.
“Don’t worry darling” muttered Billy-Ray through the pain “They can’t find us here” just then there was a load noise and the emergency lights flickered on.
“You were saying?” asked Tanith, standing up and removing her coat so her arms were free.
“Ahh well…” Billy-Ray popped another leaf in his mouth to cancel the pain out a bit more. They waited in tense silence for a few minutes, before Tanith cocked her head like she heard something, Billy-Ray listened to and sure enough he heard footsteps hurrying towards them. Tanith stepped back into the little niche in the boxes that they’d been hiding in as Tanya came jogging towards them. Tanith held her breath, hoping that Tanya would pass them by, but no, Tanya stopped a few feet away from their hiding place.
“Ohhhh,” Tanya muttered “That’s nice” for one wild second Billy-Ray thought she was talking to them, but then Tanya walked over to a glass toped box that contained a gun of some type. Billy-Ray had to suppress a smile, Tanya would never change. She would see something shiny and then get totally distracted. Tanya put her gun down on the ground behind her and then pulled out a knife. She stared working away at the seal around the glass part of the box. While Tanya was working, Tanith stared to creep forward slowly as she could, inching towards the gun that Tanya had left on the ground. Tanya tilted her head like she had heard something and Tanith froze, but then Tanya went back to working on the box. Tanith reached out towards the gun and her fingers were less then an inch away when Tanya whirled suddenly and flung her knife at Tanith. Tanith flattened herself to the ground and the knife whistled over her head, missing her by inches before imbedding itself in a wooden crate. Tanith scooped up the gun as another knife whistled past, actually scraping Tanith’s arm before sticking into a crate. Tanya froze as Tanith brought the gun up and pointed it at her.
“Hmm, you’re faster then I thought you would be…” said Tanya conversationally. Tanith looked at her, head cocked to one side. She studied Tanya for a few seconds, then smiled.
“Little sister!” She said happily.