Monday, January 31, 2011

Fanfic 11

Little sister
On the outside, Tanya remained the same, face still an impassive mask, but on the inside her brain was rolling at a thousand miles a minute. She had a sister. But Billy-Ray said that he had killed her family. Perhaps he was lying? And Tanith was from London, she couldn’t be her sister… Tanya exhausted the probable explanations in a second and the improbable ones in a few more seconds. Tanya glanced at Billy-Ray and saw that he looked almost as puzzled as she felt. Tanith smiled at her confusion.
“You aren’t Tanith’s sister,” she said, then she actually laughed softly at Tanya’s expression.
“Before I inhabited this body, I controlled a rather large Russian by the name of Tesseract, ever heard of him?”
“I know my competition”
“Then you’ll be interested to hear that your ‘competition’ is, was, actually your brother”
“You’re high” Tanith laughed again, louder this time.
“That fact that you aren’t denying it tells me something” if she could just keep Tanith talking, then maybe someone would come and help her. Tanya hated relying on others, but it was necessary when you have an AK-47 pointed at your face. A shuffling noise from on top of the crates made Tanith and Billy-Ray look up. A vampire leaped down from on top of the crate, landing on Tanith and pinning her to the ground. The gun flew out of her hands as the back of her head cracked against the concrete floor. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she was still. The vampire looked up from Tanith and hissed at Billy-Ray, displaying all of its pointed teeth. Billy-Ray looked over the tops of his sunglasses at the beast, then quickly sunk into the ground.
“Coward” said Tanya disdainfully, leaning up against the glass gun case. The vampire hissed its agreement and rose up on its hind legs to examine Tanya’s face carefully. It tilted its head in an obvious question.
“I’m fine…” The vampire tilled its head the other way
“Really, I’m fine Bridget” Tanya insisted. The vampire stared at her with its coal black eyes for a second, and then started hissing like a leaky balloon.
“What?” Tanya realized that the vampire was laughing. It pointed with a claw to its pointed ear and when she looked close, Tanya saw that there was a little silver skull dangling from it.
“Victor?” asked Tanya incredulously. He nodded
“I didn’t know you were a vampire…” Tanya trailed off as Tanith started to move.
“Come on” she said, starting to walk towards Tanith. A hand erupted out of the ground and caught hold of one Tanya’s ankles. She gasped and lost balance, tipping backwards and smashing into the glass gun case. A piece of glass sliced into her forearm and a drop of blood leaked out. Victor whipped his head around and growled at Tanya. The humane light that had been in his eyes was gone, replaced with a cold glint. Tanya locked eyes with the beast, willing it not attack her.
“Victor” she said soothingly “Victor, its me Tanya. Calm down please.” Victor tilted his head, not playfully as before, but like he was sizing her up to pounce. Out of the corner of her eye Tanya saw something move, but she didn’t break eye contact with Victor to look. Bridget came running towards them like a vampire freight train, slamming into Victor and knocking him away from Tanya. She pulled the bit of glass out of her arm and tore off the bottom part of her t-shirt for a bandage. She wrapped it around her arm, keeping an eye on Victor and Bridget. Bridget was keeping him away from Tanya by growling non-stop and swatting at him when he started towards her. Tanya finished tying the makeshift bandage over her cut and carefully picked the other little bits of glass off her shirt. There was a loud nose that echoed in the enclosed space of the warehouse and something hit Tanya’s leg. Tanya frowned and looked over at Tanith. She was leaning shakily against a cardboard box and pointing Bridget’s AK-47. The barrel of the gun was smoking and Tanith looked vaguely repulsed. Tanya looked down at her thigh and saw what Tanith was looking at. The whole upper part of her leg had been blown away by the shot and was gushing blood. Tanya’s whole leg was tingling unpleasantly and the sounds of the vampires growling was fading. Black spots danced around her vision as she watched Tanith raise the gun again, lining up the sights carefully. Tanya tried to say something, anything, but her jaw wasn’t working. The blackness consumed her as Tanith pulled the trigger.


    (the sad part)

    Victor the vampire! AWESOME!!!!
    Love the way you give depth and attitude to your characters! (awesome part)
    Liked how Tanya mistook Victor for Bridget. (funny part)

    Now....I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!


  2. Wooooooaaahh......Epic.....

    I love how Van helsing is actually a vamp when in the legends he hunts them :P


  3. OMG EPIC! NICE ENDING! Can't wait for the next part!

  4. y'all are going to have to wait to see what happens to Tanya... *evil grin*

  5. Hey Lizzy. I like the idea of the wedding blog! :) If you want to do it that would be AWESOME!!!! Thank you!

  6. presenting... the blog weddings!