Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fanfic 8

Tanith’s eyes widened, she and Billy-Ray where compliantly surrounded. She was good with a sword, but a sword would be no good against bullets.
“Hello Tanya” Billy-Ray said casually from behind Tanith “You’re lookin’ well…” Tanya didn’t even blink and the gun was as steady as a rock.
“Ah well…” Billy-Ray lunged forward and tackled Tanith to the ground. Tanya fired, but the bullets whizzed over their heads as the ground cracked and Billy-Ray and Tanith sunk into the ground. Barely a second later, Dragona’s swords sliced at where Billy-Ray’s head had been.
“Damn” he muttered
“This is not a ‘damn’ moment” said Anarchy, leaning against the wall and glaring at the little cracks in the ground “This is a ‘I hate you Billy-Ray and I wish you’d never been born’ moment”
“Mine doesn’t take that long to say”
“Focus” ordered Bridget, dropping down from the top of the wall. They all pretended to focus.
“Now what do we do?” wondered Israel.
“Get something to eat?” Anarchy said hopefully
“No” Anarchy sighed dramatically and slouched up against the wall.
“What do we do?” repeated Israel looking over at Bridget, but she was busy cramming a syringe in her arm.
“I have an idea…” Dragona said slowly. He crouched down and place his palms flat on the ground. He closed his eyes and let his magic reach down in the ground. He heard a movement beside him and knew that Sarthacus was doing the same. After a few second he stood up and brushed off his jeans.
“They went that way” Dragona said, with Sarthacus nodding behind him. The little group walked for about a quarter mile with Sarthacus and Dragona occasionally reading the earth too see where Billy-Ray and Tanith were heading.
“Where are they going?” Tanya wondered aloud “There’s nothing down this way, except for…” Tanya’s eyes widened “aw hell…”
“What?” asked Israel worriedly
“Billy-Ray is trying to hide from us, and he’s found the perfect spot”
“Ooh, ominous…” said Anarchy sarcastically
“I’m serous,” said Tanya “Billy-Ray is most likely going to the warehouse”
“So? Who cares if he’s going to a warehouse”
“The warehouse. It’s a huge storage building with some of the most high tech security in the world. It’s like the vault for stolen goods.”
“Have you broke in?” asked Bridget
“Naturally, but I don’t think I could do it again. I bribed the head of security to let me in, but the old head of security died suddenly. The new head I know nothing about.”
“What’s his name?” asked Israel
“Victor Van Helsing” said Tanya. It was almost full dark by now and was starting to get colder. Anarchy sighed and rubbed her arms
“Lets get moving again” she said and everyone nodded. After another 15 minutes of walking, the group came to a chain link fence that was about 10 feet tall and topped with barbed wire.
“Wow, that’s really high tech” said Sarthacus, rolling his eyes
“If you touch the fence four million volts will fry you instantly” Tanya informed him. “It also projects a field around it so if you walk within 10 feet of it, whoever is in the control room will know you’re there.” Everyone backed up a bit.
“So we go over” said Dragona using the air to start to fly upwards
“The field covers the roof genius” Tanya grabbed Dragona’s foot and pulled him back down.
“So then how do we get in?” asked Dragona once he was back firmly on the ground.
“I dunno…” Tanya trailed off as Bridget started walking towards the fence.
“Bridget!” hissed Tanya as Bridget got within a foot of the fence. There was a little buzzing noise and a camera popped out of the ground, it swiveled and pointed directly at Bridget.
“Hey Victor” she said to the camera “mind if we come in for a bit?” the camera retracted back into the ground. Bridget gave one of her little half smiles and grabbed the fence.


  1. AWESOME LIZZY! VERY WELL WRITTEN! I like the power to sense Billy-ray through the ground!

  2. Lol, you were too slow Kallista :P

  3. And I liked the fence bit at the end... that was funny :P another epic fanfic Lizzy :)

  4. LOL
    I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Awesome dialog! Very funny. Love Bridget! She's awesome!
    Very cleverly written Lizzy! XDDDD

    Thanks for posting.

    (I think I should be one of the security people an undercover agent....but I AM extreemly might be a bit to obvious*

    *goes on for another 5 years on how she could FINALLLY be part of Lizzy's amazing story*

    *is wisely ignored by everyone*

  5. *gives one last glare at Dragona before parting from Lizzy's AWESOME blog*


  6. EPICA!!!!!

    Awesome, Lizzy! 'cept I thought that there would be a street chase or something, like par kour from roof to roof.
    Either way, the warehouse is a good idea.

    Post more soon!

  7. Lizzy, i've done the next part on 'We the Kings'. If you want to read it, here's the link: