Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fanfic 9

Sorry i took so long to post this :(

Everyone winced as Bridget put a hand to the fence, but nothing happened and Bridget remained un-fried.
“Did you really think I was that stupid?” She asked, cocking one eyebrow. She started climbing hand over hand up the fence. When she was about three feet away for the razor sharp barbed wire at the top, she pushed off the fence with her feet and let go at just the right moment. Bridget sailed neatly over the barbed wire and hit the ground, coming up in a graceful roll. Tanya looked at Bridget from the other side of the fence.
“That was really stupid actually, you could have hit the landmines and killed us all”
“But I didn’t hit the landmines, and I’m the only one here who’s dead.”
“True, true…” said Anarchy. She whipped shadows out of her silver cuff bracelet and used them to hook onto the fence and pull herself up. Tanya climbed the fence the same way Bridget did, climbing up using her hands then flipping herself over the barbed wire.
“Ummm…” Dragona looked at the girls though the fence “What about the landmines?”
“We girls are naturally graceful,” said Anarchy, nodding wisely
“Oh, ok then. That explains how you fell over when you where standing absolutely still, doing absolutely nothing.”
“Shut up” Anarchy stood up, brushed off her tattered black jeans and fell over again. Dragona rolled his eyes as the air lifted him over the fence, the second his feet touched the ground, her saw the warehouse. It had looked like a barren field from the other side of the fence, but now Dragona saw a huge building. It was made out of cement with a corrugated metal roof and its windows were ugly little squares with thick bars. Once Israel and Sarthacus where over the fence, the group headed for the front doors, which were the kind of door you see on airplane hangers. Bridget wrenched the heavy iron doors open and waved them into the dark, musty warehouse. She rolled the doors shut behind them and then they were in darkness. Sarthacus clicked his fingers and summoned a fireball, and a small circle of wavering light surrounded them.
“Hello” said a voice from the darkness behind Anarchy. She jumped, swore loudly, and spun to see who it was all at the same time and fell over again. The person in the dark laughed and held out a hand to help Anarchy up. She ignored him rather pointedly and stood and went to go stand behind Tanya.
“Hey Victor” said Bridget and the figure stepped into the light. He was tall and had long black hair that was tied back in a tight ponytail. His clothes were not what a guard would normally wear, he had on a deep plum waistcoat over a black shirt and black trousers and boots. A little skull earring dangled from his ear.
“Bridget!” he said happily, giving her a hug “How you doin’ baby?”
“I live, figuratively speaking of course”
“Of course, who are these people?” he gestured around at the others
“Dragona, Israel, Tanya, Sarthacus, Anarchy” Bridget said rapid fire “Do you think you could put the warehouse in lockdown for us?”
“Sure thing” he went over to some rungs on the wall and started to climb up toward a control room. Bridget followed him and the rest followed, rather mystified as to how Bridget knew this person and how he had gotten away with hugging Bridget, the most un-huggable person in the world. Once in the control room Victor walked over to the rows of impressive looking buttons and monitors. He typed on a keyboard for a few seconds, then flipped the glass cover off a large button. He pressed it and there was a loud slamming noise, like a bolt falling into place. He looked around at them.
“No one comes in, nothing goes out.”


  1. LOL
    AWESOME!!! Love the dialog between the oc's!
    Especially Dragona and Anarchy. XDDDD
    Wonderfly written Lizzy!


    I love this fan-fic. Never cancel it,Lizzy.

  3. I am in awe.

    I've just read the whole fanfic including Dead Men Tales and I love it. The dialogue is hilarious like it came straight from Skulduggery. Very nicely written. And the emotion varies to which is great.

    But you need to bring back Bone! Please!!!