Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 2

The twins headed out the door into the warm, yet cloudy, day. Maggie was very glad it was cloudy, her and her twin had very pale skin that burned very quickly if you didn’t put enough sun-block on. Their dark hair didn’t help with the paleness of their skin, they had inherited their mother’s dark hair and it always made them look a bit washed out. ‘Maybe I should dye my hair’ Maggie thought, looking at the back of her sister’s head.
“If we were to dye our hair, I would make it red” Molly said and Maggie nodded
“Totally, red hair is so pretty” she said and Molly looked over her shoulder
“I didn’t say anything”
“Oh, sorry” The first time this had happened, they had been eight and had spent hours trying to read each other’s minds. Only when they were about ten did they realize that the rather creepy power of picking thoughts from each other’s minds worked only when they weren’t trying to force it. Often they had entire conversations without even realizing what was going on. As they walked down the driveway, Molly pulled out her cell phone and called their best friend, Ruben. After a brief conversation, Molly hung up and nodded to her twin, Ruben had agreed to meet them ASAP at the cemetery. The girls broke into a jog as they reached the main road and in ten minutes time they were pushing the rusted gate of the cemetery open. The little dirt path was well trodden, so they didn’t notice the foot prints. They didn’t notice their silent watcher as they walked with familiar ease through the grave stones. They stopped for a moment at a grave stone marked ‘Gordon Edgley’
“Hi Gordon…” Muttered Molly “Today’s our birthday” Maggie and Molly much preferred the company of their dead great uncle to the company of their live family. The twins continued on, not aware of the soft footsteps following behind them. They reached the oldest part of the cemetery and sat on a large rock to wait for Ruben. Their silent stalker crept up behind them, stealthy as a cat and silent as a mouse.
“YAAAA!” He yelled, jumping out and tackling the twins to the ground. They both shrieked as they tumbled to the ground, firmly griped in a huge bear hug
“Ruben!” they complained at the same time
“Happy Birthday!” he sang happily before releasing them from the killer hug.
“God Ruben, I think my ribs are cracked” Molly complained as he helped them off the ground
“Its good luck to have cracked ribs” Ruben stated matter-of-factly “That way you stay in bed all day long and there is less chance of getting hurt” yeah… that’s the way Ruben’s brain worked
“So, do you have any plans for today?” Ruben pushed his floppy red hair out of his eyes and looked at them hopefully. Molly shrugged at the same time as Maggie, making their shoulder’s raise and fall in unison.
“I dunno…” Molly said
“We brought bacon…” Added Maggie
“And Coke and Jaffa cakes…”
“So I guess we can just hang out for a bit…” Ruben nodded and dug around in the tote for the Jaffa cakes. He was used to the twins speaking in tandem, heck, he was used to most of the little habits of the twins. Like speaking at the same time and finishing each others sentences and looking eyes for a few seconds before turning away, giggling and blushing like they had just heard a dirty joke.
“Soooo…” He said shoving a Jaffa cake in his mouth “You guys are fifteen now…”
“I know, I feel so old” complained Maggie, popping open a Coke and handing the bacon baggy to her twin just as she was reaching for it.
“But just think about it, it another years time you two will have drivers licenses and will be able to drive me all around the country!”
“Yeah, no.”
“Come on…” he whined. He was only a year older then the twins, but sometimes he could act like a two year old.
“Shut up and eat some bacon” Molly handed the bag to Ruben, who took her advice and shoveled some in. He sat himself down in between the girls, wrapping one arm around each of their necks.
“Oi, hands off” Maggie scowled. Ruben was a hugger, that’s for sure.
“Birthday hugs?” he said hopefully
“Its our birthday, not yours” Molly pointed out, winkling her nose at him
“Fine…” he reached across her to get at the tote bag and the sodas within. With a gasp he collapsed onto Molly’s lap, going limp and motionless.
“Ruben?” Molly pulled him upright as Maggie dug in his coat pockets for the paper and pencils he always carried. She pushed the writing tools into his hand and he started to write instantly, hand sprinting across the paper. Just like Ruben had gotten used to their own little kinks, the twins were more then used to Ruben collapsing like this. He would stay out of it for a minute or so before opening his eyes and wondering why everyone was looking oddly at him and why the heck was he on the floor in the first place? Maggie glanced at the words he was writing and gasped. He was writing the same two words over and over again.
“It’s burning, it’s burning, it’s burning.”


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! The ending is freaky! :O
    I LOVE it Lizzy! Your writing is amazing! You leave me always wanting to read MORE!!!!!
    Thanks for posting yet another AWEAOME story!