Friday, March 18, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 4

 Hehehe, i'm on a roll! with butter! Here is the first major plot change from the old story line, enjoy!

Bridget’s car was black. And shiny. And that’s pretty much all Molly could tell from it. Her and her twin weren’t exactly into cars. Ruben was already seated in the passenger seat, so the twins crawled into the back. They didn’t know where they where going, but they knew that Ruben wasn’t exactly the kind of person who could handle himself. They would tag along and see what would happen. Bridget slid in behind the drivers wheel and started the engine, it’s steady purr filling the car. She pulled smoothly away from the curb and turned onto the road that would take them to the tattoo parlor/apartment where Ruben lived with his dad. Bridget was just opening her mouth to say something when her phone beeped once. She flipped it open to listen to what was being said for a few seconds before cursing and hanging up. Muttering darkly, she pulled a U-turn and hit the gas, speeding in the opposite direction.
“Where are we going?” Ruben asked nervously
“The sanctuary is burning, your little prediction came true, kid”
“The sanctuary? What do you mean?” Bridget gave Ruben an odd look
“The sanctuary in Roarhaven, the place where their-” Bridget jerked her thumb at the twins in the backseat “parents work”
“Wait, what? What about mum and dad?” Molly asked quickly
“They haven’t told you anything, have they…” Bridget muttered almost to herself, ignoring the question and pressing down harder on the gas. The next five minutes was spent (unsuccessfully) trying to coax more information out of Bridget, who remained silent and frowning, her face like a mask the betrayed nothing. Finally the car lapsed into an un-comfortable silence, with the young teens staring out at the scenery that was blurring past the car. Suddenly Maggie pointed out the window
“Look at all the smoke!” she gasped, reaching out a hand for her twin. Molly grabbed it, squeezing tightly. Some how, they both knew that their lives were changing, for the better or the worst was yet to be determined. Bridget turned the corner, accelerating slightly so the back wheels fishtailed a little bit, and the burning building into view. A few little groups of people were clustered around the fiercely burning building and Bridget pulled straight up the largest group.
“Come on, seer” Bridget opened the door and climbed out, Ruben clamoring out after her. The twins sat awkwardly in the backseat for a few seconds before they spotted someone. Their mother jogged across the small parking lot to the gathering by the car. Her hair was tied back and her jacket had all sorts of burns and soot on it, but there was no mistaking her. A few seconds passed before the twins brain’s kicked back into gear, bloody hell! What was their mum doing here? And, as the twins looked closer they spotted Fletcher and a man with his back to them, the suit was un-mistakable however and they knew it was Skulduggery.
“What the hell?” muttered Maggie, but maybe she hadn’t even said it out loud. The twins climbed out of Bridget’s car and stood quietly next to Ruben, one on either side. He put a protective arm around each of their waists and for once they didn’t gripe, it was nice to have their hug loving friend there to tie them to reality.
“So,” said the handsome man that seemed to be in charge “Ruben I know this is odd but can you tell me everything you saw in your vision. For example, did you see anyone lighting the fire or something like that?
“Arson? No, no, I saw nothing like that. I just saw what’s going on now, for the most part”
“Ah, ok then. What do you mean by, for the most part?” Before Ruben could answer the arms around Maggie and Molly stiffened and the twins caught him just in time as he sunk to the ground, eyes staring blankly at the burning building. The vision was short, only lasting a few seconds before Ruben snapped back to earth.
“S-stop them! He muttered weakly, pointed towards the burning building just as the timbers creaked and groaned. Time slowed. Everyone stared horrified at the two people just inside the entrance of the building, a tall man and a woman with a sword strapped to her back. The flames roared and laughed as the timbers creaked again, falling in slow-motion towards the couple. Molly was moving before she realized it, moving into a little black doorway that appeared before her. Inside the doorway colors blurred and swirled and she was next to the couple with a churning stomach. She felt rather then saw Maggie at her side as she grabbed the tall man’s arm. They stepped back into the doorway as the beam fell, missing them by inches. In less then a second, the twins plus the couple where back at Bridget’s car. Maggie staggered and sat heavily on the curb, next to her twin. They looked up at the wide-eyed grownups, who were staring at them like they had a few extra heads.
“What the hell just happened?” they asked at the same time.


  1. AWESOME!!
    This is fantastic;; Especially when you have
    as background music :]

  2. WOW!! AWESOME!! I loved it so MUCH!! I want more! PLEASE Continue to be butter on a warm roll sliding down and dripping into thr egeen beans, making them taste better! I don't even know what I'm saying anymore! I just know it was fantastic!!!:D

  3. Awesome Lizzy! Even though I can't really get into the feel of the story but it's still epic!

  4. Awesome story!

    Love how valkyrie and fletcher are all grown up.

  5. Hay Liz, totally kool story love how you used vamipres in your story.

  6. Very cool names Kallista! i think they're very awesome and you should defiantly use them :)
    I deleted the comment for you

  7. Here is a part where Kal is talking to her brother Kristos.

    They had just finished a light breakfast after having her cuts tended too. Kallsita could barely contain her impatience. She was so close to having so many questions answered.
    "This book contains our family history up till the birth of you and your sister." Kristos said reverently. "Up till then it magically kept the record of the Pendragon legacy. After your birth the pages remained blank."
    Kristos casually reached across her and turned the page to a picture of a beautiful woman. Kallista caught her breath sharply. She recognized the features so close her own.
    "My mother."
    "Our mother." Kristos nodded gravely. "You are much like her. Trinity Blue was her taken name. Serena Pendragon was her given name."
    "My father?" She looked up curiously.
    "A great man he was." Kristos said softly. "His taken name was Tristan Wild. His given name was secret, kept hidden in this book. What a pair those two made. Some called them The Wild Blue."
    He turned the page and showed a picture of a spectacular couple standing together, holding on to their swords and looking off into the distance with fierce looks on their faces.
    “Why was his name a secret?“ Kallista asked mystified.
    For a moment Kristos did not say anything. HE walked over to one of the huge library windows and stood there.
    “I’m sure growing up you have heard of fairies, elves, and other magical beings.” Kristos begin cautiously.
    “I have.” Kallista begin then stopped as a bizarre thought came to her, “You are not suggesting...

    I didn't finish sentence yet. But I wondered if this was to dumb or boring.

  8. awesome Kallista! i've missed your writing so much!

  9. Amazing! Great work, Lizzy, i like the way that you're plotting the story.