Monday, March 28, 2011

Fear Re-written, The Fear Saga 6

Sorry y'all, this part is a bit of a filler. I really wanted to write a bit about the relationship between Eloise, Victor, and Bridget. I'll get to the action soon though ;)

“Maggie?! Molly?!” their mother’s voice cut through their stupor of seeing the burning body. They spun and saw Stephanie standing about 50 yard away.
“Mum!” they cried together, starting towards their soot streaked mother. The black doorway opened up and they stepped through, ending up less then a foot away from her. Stephanie gasped in shock as the twins disappeared and reappeared, closing the distance in a blink to crush her a hug.
“What are you doing here?!” Stephanie said, in complete shock
“Bridget came to-”
“Get Ruben-”
“He had a vision, a bad one-”
“And we tagged along-”
“And we came here and saved two people!-”
“Bridget calls it teleporting and told-”
“Us to go find more people-”
“WHOA!” Stephanie’s head started to spin from the twins speaking in tandem, not to mention the fact that they had crossed 50 yards in a second.
“How do you learn to teleport?” The twins shrugged
“It just… happened” Maggie said as they started to walk towards Bridget’s car. Stephanie sighed and rubbed her temples.
“Aye?” The twins yelped and spun to glare at Bridget, who was standing behind them. Stephanie turned slowly and gave Bridget a look that told her quite clearly that hell was going down.
“Why did you bring the twins here?” Stephanie asked in a tone that the twins had last heard when they dyed the cat purple. Bridget shrugged, unconcerned.
“What else was I supposed to do?”
“Stay the hell away from my family, that’s what!” Stephanie looked furious as she did her best to loom over Bridget, something she managed fairly well considering they were both the same height.
“So that some day a complete stranger could come to your house someday and say ‘oh, sorry, your mom is dead. By the way she was hiding her entire life from you’? I don‘t think so” Stephanie bit her lip and looked slightly to the side.
“You still had no right to go send them off to try and teleport people out!”
“So we could stand here and watch people die?” Maggie asked softly. Stephanie turned and looked at Maggie, lost for words. Bridget took this time to make her escape and walked off to where the girl with the dreadlocks was. She smiled faintly as the little family started to argue, really, it was just too cute. Why didn’t Valkyrie just deal with the fact that the twins were going to find out sometime or other, she had just…helped… the process along a bit.
“What’d you do?” Eloise asked, flipping her dreadlocks over her shoulder and hooking her thumb over at the arguing family.
“Nuttin’” Bridget smiled innocently and headed over to the smoldering pile of rubble. She smelled something dead. She shifted rubble and beams of the prone figure sprawled on the ground as the yelling behind her increased, Fletcher had joined the group and was now trying to calm his wife and daughters down without getting a limb chopped off or something. The dead thing beneath the rubble shifted and Bridget kicked him sharply in the ribs.
“Ooow… Bridget…” The dead man whined, pushing his long hair out of his eyes and squinting up at her.
“Get up, maggot” she said, scowling affectionately down at the vampire. He reached his hands up and pulled himself up using the hem of her vintage Pink Floyd t-shirt, something she wasn’t happy about.
“Hands off Victor!” she swatted his hands away and he shrugged, throwing an arm around her shoulders instead.
“What’s going on over there?” he asked, looking over at the family. They had quieted down a bit, but still there was some major tension in the air.
“While you were passed out under ze rubble, Bridget decided to screw up someone’s life again” Eloise explained, her French accent flowing thick and fast
“She bit someone?!”
“Do you really think so poorly of your girlfriend? Non, she was just being her normal charming self” Eloise rolled her eyes
“I’m still here, you realize” Bridget said, glaring daggers at Eloise. Ignorant of her impending doom, Eloise smiled.
“You’re here, but for how long?”


  1. ...they dyed their cat PURPLE...?


  2. LOL

    I love how Val tells Bridget off. Not many people are brave enough to tell off a vamp!

    I love the story! Love Eloise's dreadlocks!!!!!
    Love how the twins died a cat purple!
    Purple is a good color!
    *goes on for five hours on how purple is so special*

    ....and in conclusion I just would like to say that I miss the purple poet!

    EPICA Lizzy!
    Thanks for posting. Don't know if you know this yet. But Octa has short dark color hair and green eyes. Pyro told me this. :)

  3. Wow, y'all are focused on the barely mentioned purple cat, not the fact the BRIDGET has BOYFRIEND *sigh~*

  4. OMG Purle cats ftw!

    LOL just joking, it's an awesome story, keep up the good work.


    *walks up to bridget*



    *runs away screaming as bridget chases her*

  6. You have totally got to continue the storys are really good i like the on with val goin school and having to read then sends the book to dusk ha ha ha ha ha (not sarcastic)