Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part One

Hey y'all! The pink cube of doom (aka writers block) is eating my brain so i'm writing this little fic to kick things back into gear. I have no idea where this is going or who's going to be in it, so just bear with me and my ramblings :)
Note: The italics are for when people are speaking a different language other then English, in this case its french because Eloise is french.

Bridget hated planes. It was a simple fact of life. She loathed them with all her heart and never could get used to being up in the air with no visible support. Whenever she had to leave the country she would take a boat or find some other way off the island that was Ireland, never flying unless she could help it. So why was she on a commercial jet that was bound to Italy? That was a very good question, and one she didn’t quiet know the answer to. She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, wanting to get this over with and get back to the Vampire Inn as soon as possible. A sharp poke to her arm kept her from relaxing
“Still don’t like planes?” Victor asked playfully. He had been a fighter pilot during World War two, so he knew nothing of Bridget’s unease.
“Go away” Bridget growled halfheartedly Another reason to dislike planes; you couldn’t get away from the person next to you. Eloise was sitting in front of them, so she twisted in her seat to look back.
Just focus on Italy” she said happily, speaking in her native language “Think of the sunshine, and warmth, and Italian pastries” Eloise smiled "Do you think Italians taste like cannoli?”
“Pfft, that’s nasty” Victor pulled a face, showing exactly what he thought of Italian pastries and Italians that taste like said pastry's.
“Shut up the two of you” Bridget said. Like Victor and Eloise, she also chose to speak French so they wouldn’t be readily understood. One could never be too careful. “This is not a vacation, we have work to do”
“It would be a vacation if SOMEONE hadn’t decided to kill a Mafia boss and gotten us all in trouble” Victor glared at Eloise, who held up her hands in a traditional “I-didn’t-do-it” gesture
“It wasn’t my fault he was there! If he hadn’t wandered into my space when I was eating then we wouldn’t be here. And if SOMEONE had done there job properly and guarded the area, then we wouldn’t be stuck on a plane with Bridget” Eloise cast a questioning look at Bridget
“Why are you even here? You don’t like planes and this has nothing to do with you” Bridget cracked one eye open
“You two are like children, you can rarely get anything done on your own. Plus Victor doesn’t even speak Italian”
“We’re not like children, we can get stuff done!” Victor frowned
“Oh really? Name one time that I sent you out of country and you didn’t get shot, yelled at, attacked, insulted, burned at the stake, etc, etc, etc” she looked at Victor expectantly
“I thought so. Now pay attention, I’ll teach you some Italian so you won’t get killed” she took a pen and paper from her carry on luggage. Eloise smirked at Victor and turned in her seat so she was facing the front again. The teenaged girl that was sitting in front of Eloise twisted in he seat to look back and said in passable French
“Er, excuse me, are you French?” Eloise smiled, being sure not to show her pointed teeth
“Yes, I was born there” ‘and died there’ Eloise added to herself. The teen girl smiled
“How cool! Er, I mean how cool
“Don’t worry, I speak English too” The girl smiled again and was just opening her mouth to say something else when another girl flopped down in the seat next to her. This girl was younger then the other, and had the air of someone who really didn’t give a damn.
“Oi Mick, I’m bored” she whined causing the older girl to glare at her.
“Knock it off” the older girl turned back around in her seat to talk to the younger girl as Eloise turned her ipod on. The younger girl cast a quick look over Eloise then grinned humorlessly
“Oh lovely, the coven is gunna’ be there to”
“But of course. Is the plan still gunna’ go ahead like she planned?” The older girl thought for a moment
“Probably, we need to bring it in before it does anymore harm.” the younger girl nodded
“We’re prolly’ gunna’ land in a bit, try to get some sleep or the jet will kill ya’” no waiting for a reply, the younger girl rolled onto her side, curling into a tight ball on the small plane seat. The other girl leaned on her elbows and looked out the plan windows, watching the clouds roll by. She hoped the plan would work, because if it didn’t they were both worse then dead.


  1. I think it's really good!!!!it's really really good that it is this good when you don't even know where it's going yet . . . all in all VERY GOOD

  2. EPIC!!! I LOVE it Lizzy!
    Great writing! :D
    Genius idea to use italics for when they spoke another language. Love th ediaolg too! Can't wait to read more! Fantastic! BRAVO!!!

  3. Ooo!
    Awesome! Completely shrouded in mystery! :D
    I want to read some more!

  4. *grins*

    coven? plan? cannoli?


  5. I KNOW SOMEONE CALLED BRIDGET!... i'll actually read it now... i saw the first word and posted this comment...


    *runs around, ravenously searching for more*

    *sees there is no more yet*

    *pulls out gun and hold it to own head*


  7. jeez girl! put the gun down! I'm writing more, just wait for a little bit!