Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunny Italy... Part Three

 Please comment on the pic i did for Kallista! [link] and i can't actually hotwire cars TT.TT

The car drove slowly through the heavy traffic, making their journey of only about a mile last much longer. Eloise pestered Doona with questions that where deflected politely (for the most part) and Bridget stared out the window, bored and tense with anticipation. She didn’t know where they were going, but she knew that a fight was on the horizon, and no matter how hard she tried she was going to run straight into it. She didn’t really mind, she was in the mood for a good, rough, brawl that would leave bruises on her knuckles for weeks.
I don’t think we’re going to get in a fight” Victor said, speaking the German he had learned as a boy
What?” Bridget was shaken out of her violent thoughts.
You were rubbing your knuckles, you only do that when you’re thinking about fighting.” Victor smiled “but lets try to keep this peaceful, ja?” Bridget sighed heavily
Ja…” she cracked her knuckles and scowled. The Azeman parked in an alleyway behind a large hotel, next another car. It got out, gesturing for the European vampires to follow it through a small metal door, which it had unlocked with a key from it’s impressive key ring. Eloise was the last to enter, but she paused for a moment before passing through the gleaming glass and metal doors. She thought she caught the scent of something familiar and turned to scan the street. Nothing struck her as out of place, it was just a vaguely familiar sent. The wind shifted, erasing the sent and Eloise shook her head to clear it, causing her dreadlocks to bounce around wildly, and followed the other vampires into the hotel.

Michelle peeked her head carefully out form behind a parked car, just in time to see Eloise shake her head and disappear into the building.
“All clear” she said to Lizzy, who was flopped by the cars tire, panting. The girls had run all the way from the airport to the hotel, trying to follow the car without being spotted. The only reason that they had managed it was the noonday traffic was so heavy the car had barely gotten over 15mph.
“I think…” panted Lizzy “I’m dead. Do I look dead to you?” Michelle ignored her and studied the building, plotting about how they would get inside. Lizzy rambled on.
“I feel rather dead, but maybe its only heatstroke. It’s so bloody hot out! I miss the north and the cool” Michelle looked over her shoulder at the annoying girl
“Maybe you wouldn’t be so hot if you took off that…jacket…thingy…” she gestured to the oversized flannel shirt that Lizzy was wearing as a jacket. It was at least four sizes too big and so patched and ratty that it looked like might fall apart at any second. She flapped her hand, causing the overlong sleeves that covered her hands to flop around comically.
“I’ll live, are we goin’ in there?” she ginned, ready to go kick some butt
“No” Michelle said firmly “We’re two teenaged girls. Those are full grown men with guns. We’re going to wait for Kallista.”
“Fineeee~” Lizzy rolled her eyes and peeked into the windows of the car they were waiting behind before pulling a knife from her pocket and starting to slash away at the tires.
“Hey! Don’t do that!” Michelle grabbed Liz’s wrist.
“We’re going to have to go in there and whoever is in there is going to want to come out. So I get rid of the escape route.” She said this all rather fast, her words blending together. Liz handed the switchblade to Michelle and went over to the car that the vampires had just exited. She popped open the hood and started tugging wires and prodding at the car battery.
“What are you doing?” Michelle asked cautiously, watching her younger companion rip a few wires out of place and start fiddling with them.
“Lookin’ for the spare key.” She crossed the wires and the engine roared to life.
“Cheers~!” she said happily, slamming the hood shut and grinning like a maniac.


  1. YAY

    Yet another epic tale of pure epicness

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. LOL Lizzy! This is PRICELESS!!!! I LOV EIT! All except for the part where I think of you as annoying!
    *hugs Lizzy!
    THANKS for posting my friend!

  3. Ha! Awesome!! I crave moOore!!